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Anonymous: 27 28

27) agnostic ehh I don’t rly care about religion
28) 6 months w my recent ex who was my first love

Anonymous: 22

22) I am 15 sry not legal

Anonymous: 1 & 2

1) ive never skipped w/o my mom knowing lmao so no
2) depends on if u count mary jane as a drug or not but ya I don’t plan on doing anything other than weed.

ty for sending me numbers :)))

Anonymous: 20 c:

oh yay someone finally did the thing uhh

20) deaf bc then u could look at cute boys but not hear the stupid things they say


<b> Have you ever:</b> <p><b></b> 1. Skipped class?<p><b></b> 2. Done drugs?<p><b></b> 3. Self harmed?<p><b></b> 4. Drank?<p><b></b> 5. Shoplifted?<p><b></b> 6. Gotten a tattoo?<p><b></b> 7. Broken up with someone?<p><b>What's your favorite:</b> <p><b></b> 8. Show?<p><b></b> 9. Movie?<p><b></b> 10. Song?<p><b></b> 11. Tumblr?<p><b></b> 12. Singer/Band?<p><b></b> 13. Memory?<p><b></b> 14. Book?<p><b>This or that:</b> <p><b></b> 15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?<p><b></b> 16. Cookies or Cake?<p><b></b> 17. Twitter or Facebook?<p><b></b> 18. Movies or Books?<p><b></b> 19. Coke or Sprite?<p><b></b> 20. Blind or Deaf?<p><b></b> 21. Tea or Coffee?<p><b>What's your:</b> <p><b></b> 22. Age?<p><b></b> 23. Sign?<p><b></b> 24. Height?<p><b></b> 25. Sexual orientation?<p><b></b> 26. Shoe size?<p><b></b> 27. Religion?<p><b></b> 28. Longest relationship?<p><b>Opinion on:</b> <p><b></b> 29. Gay rights?<p><b></b> 30. Second chances?<p><b></b> 31. Long distance relationships?<p><b></b> 32. Abortion?<p><b></b> 33. The death penalty?<p><b></b> 34. Marijuana ?<p><b></b> 35. Love?<p><b>Do you:</b> <p><b></b> 36. Believe in ghost?<p><b></b> 37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?<p><b></b> 38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?<p><b></b> 39. Love someone?<p><b></b> 40. Still watch cartoons?<p><b></b> 41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?<p><b></b> 42. Like yourself?<p>

you need to tell yourself honey… is he really cute? or is he just a white with a visible jawline?


breaking news: local gay kid gets gayer

what a hot tamale

interesting porn facts you probably didn’t know :O